What a difference a day makes!


As if my day wasn’t bad enough last night my Maine Coon Cat, Jennifur was sprayed by a skunk.  I wonder if it was the same skunk Lilly got sprayed with mere days ago?  With the excessive heat, you can only imagine how wonderful the aroma is!  

My disposition and outlook are now back on track. Thank God!   Alas, I’m bebopping around my house singing.  When Lily was on my lap this morning and I started singing, she jumped down and ran to the other chair… Hey, there is no accounting for taste!

Last night I worked some new designs in crochet.  I am making my girlfriends granddaughters all a little purse…they make me smile.   It reminds me of this self help book I read.  After taking tests the results told me a good career choice for me would be an artist, writer, designer, or sales!   SALES?   I was happy to hear that I was doing what best suits my personality, according to this book, anyway!  For the most part, I do love my work.   I work with color, textures, tools of the trade.  The greatest accomplished feelings come, however, after teaching a class.  It’s so rewarding to see students happy with their artwork.

My art room is disastrous right now.  Wood, canvas piled all over the place waiting to reside in a new place.  There is plastic containers filled with paints, packets.  My paint desk is, well should I just say….a challenge?  Reminds me, when I walked by this morning my basin kinda smelled so I guess I’ll change the water today! 🙂

Yesterday I was able to get some computer work done.  This is no small feat for me.  Today I am being creative, and allowing myself to just focus on the moment, enjoying what I am doing.  The background setting is either episodes of “Wings” from the 90s on Netflix, or the many songs and videos I have saved under Spotify and YouTube.  Hey, finding my YouTube account and getting a new password was, in itself, exciting!

I am reminded of what a difference a day makes.  The sun is showing more presence than yesterday, my pain levels have dropped, thus my perspective is back to gratitude.  Again, Thank God!

The change in myself from yesterday to today is a reinforcement (which I learn repeatedly) that it is always darkest before the dawn.  Hang strong, hang tough, it will indeed pass!


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