My life as a creative hoarder


If you follow my blog you know that I have been very sick for just over 3 weeks. I don’t want to focus on that, I was thrilled this morning when I woke up with energy to accomplish something. 3 weeks is a long time to lay around and watch television. During my television marathons I found and took interest in the show, well actually two of them, on hoarding. Psychology fascinates me, probably because I am a case study. I was glued to the tube for a couple days watching back to back hoarding shows. I related on a much milder level.

I first want to say that I think the hoarders who seek out help and share it with the world are very courageous. I get embarrassed when a friend stops by and my dishes aren’t done….(shut up Robin). One word I kept hearing over and over in these stories is the trauma from “loss”. This is when the majority of those inflicted with this disorder typically begins their hoarding. I M a woman who has experienced a lot of loss. I cope by using food and swearing….

I buy broken frames for a quarter at a yard sale, my first love in stockpiling is with furniture. One time two girlfriends and I went to our usual Sunday morning flea market. We took my van that weekend, thank goodness! We hit deal after deal, between the three of us (whose initials combined are LSD) we spent a couple hundred dollars, and we looked like we were the Beverly Hillbilly’s…seriously. I wish we had taken a picture, but we were on such a high from all the treasures we acquired, not one of us thought of is. We even had chairs tie to the roof rack….this was the day we invested in bungee cords. I love flea markets, used furniture stores, thrift shops. I am inspired by little tidbits I pick up and have stamped “big plans” on it.

One of those frustrating things I experience with my small humble abode is that my three season porch serves as a garage. Oh, I have basement but it is damp and things get ruined down there. Last year I rented my old studio for storage at a very reasonable price. it is dry storage…perfect for me. While my back porch still continues to be a catch all for whatever treasures I wander in with…I work hard to get the porch cleaned and set up as a gym, or sitting area and it lasts about 3 days. Very frustrating. At least now with storage it isn’t as bad. There is a constant flow of furniture coming in and out of my house. My girlfriends love that the majority of the time when I resell them, I walk away with a profit. Its nice to make some pocket change, though this is to feed my ever lasting yearning to redecorate my home in new styles. I have settled into an eclectic mix of French country with a touch of Victorian. I have stuck with this for the past few years. As each year goes by I out less and less into my home. I don’t like to feel cluttered, well except when I am working, I am a slob when I work. I also don’t want to dust so there is a method behind my controlling what could be a disastrous sabotaging addiction if I didn’t watch myself.

Anyway, I went to my cellar and pulled out a couple old pieces, literally, a backsplash to an old bureau, a slant font desk, very prim looking, and an old frame that is wooden, and had a beautiful floral imprint around the outside. Its time to swap over my bedroom, which I have never really finished to my liking. I am doing it shabby chic, cottage style. Theproblem with buying bargains is usually these things need work…but I like doing these things, I just don’t always have the time to put my plans into action. I have slowed waaaaay down on buying bargains because I have decided to start carrying out the plans I have had with my stash. The aforementioned backsplash I have had for 20 years. Today I finally started a project utilizing this and a few other things I have had for a couple years or more. I must tell you, it is so rewarding doing this! It’s like checking off something on your to do list that has been on there for um, years, some decades…Where does the time go? As frustrating as it is to have this stuff around, it is an important element of my creativity. I do finish projects but not until I have about 4 started that I can rotate to my mood. We won’t even venture my jewelry making…nope! I am accepting that this is who I am. I am also putting on my inspiration board a garage with attached studio!

When am in a creative streak, as my dishes will pile up, I give all my attention (passion) to my art. You never know what you are going to find in my work area. Today it’s saws, hammer, wood glue, and more. Another day you will find me swimming in beads, or working on beautiful fabric with my sewing machine, a gift from a girlfriend. My mother was an amazing seamstress. I feel so fortunate that my parents are both talented and creative, they have taught me so much. Anyway, the next thing I will be sewing is a duvet, shams, bed skirt, and curtains for my shabby chic bedroom…it’s going to take time though, which can also be frustrating…unfinished projects, but that is how I can afford it, and I do enjoy the process…

Te one are that I vow to get a good hold on is clothing. It is my goal to lose weight, stay that way and have only one wardrobe. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my favorite wardrobe is a size 10…need to get down two sizes to get back to it, but you know what? I will. I definitely will. I am very good at setting goals and achieving the,.the difficulty here is not losing, but changing my lifestyle so that I do not regain it. My newest plan is all about exercise….I am excited about that.

So…this is what my life as. Mild hoarder is like. I am grateful for the shows and people who invite us into their lives…it really keeps things in perspective. My mother assured me last buy to resell, your house isn’t even close to those on television, not even close…I look up, thank god, and now must get back to finishing this one pie of furniture, which is going to be in my bedroom, my writing area. I am excited about it!

Now, if you will excuse me, I just remembered at 4am this morning I drove about a mile from my house and picked up this cool cubical style bookshelf that I drove past twice….free, of course. I just remembered it and need to get it out of my jeep. I have some thoughts of what to so with it, but I know, if I don’t use it, my girlfriends rooster collection will surely look nice in it. Hey, I remember the days when my friends would give me furniture and say “Take this, do something with this”…. Now they ask “What can you do with this for me?”

Happy hoarding fellow creative kin ! Xx


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Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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