Unexpected desires turned into reality


This morning my dad came to visit at 9am. It was a short visit, only maybe an hour, so I and the pooches decided to go back to bed and rest because I am not sleeping at night…I wasn’t planning on sleeping, just resting til my meds kicked in. Well, I fell fast asleep for three hours. Upon awakening I didn’t want to get out of bed. I felt that dark shadow covering me, tightened chest, high anxiety. I was confused and disoriented for the first hour, then I went about my business, things I had planned to do.

As my day unfolded, the darkness lifted and things unfolded in a manner that brought me to tears, good tears. An unexpected reconciliation with someone I love very much. I am so happy about this. I saw my nephew, whom I have missed since he stopped living with me, and…….tonight as I sit writing this, I have found peace, and acceptance in where I am again with my weight, but also committing myself to what I need to do to take care of this. Saturday I will start on Ideal Protein again, and get rid of this extra weight that keeps me from feeling good about myself. I am really unhappy with myself, but tonight, after having my day turn 360 degree angle for the better, I am pushing aside the dark shadow that hovers around me, and only allowing light in.

I can lose this weight, I can make my life better and I am going to! I have really disappointed myself by putting weight back on, but a very good and wise friend, my mentor and inspiration in dropping the weight last year, helped me to stop beating up on myself about this, and allow myself the time I need to “ready” myself. Well, I’m “ready”. Thank you, Ju. I love u!

Tomorrow night I have having a slumber party with friends from high school, well one even grade school! My house is a disaster, but it doesn’t matter, they aren’t coming to see my house, they are coming to see me, and we are going to have a wonderful time!

Todays lesson was, Good things can happen when you least expect it. Never give up hope of your life getting better because it can change on a dime, and if you are aligned with your higher power (God for me)…things will work out, and not only that, they have the potential of being far above anything you dreamed of.

My friend Harry called me tonight, he had good news too. His godson, a very handsome young man, called him to ask how he was doing, as he was worried about him. I must say I was very impressed with how thoughtful and loving this young man (a senior in high school) is. It’s so nice to hear good things, to have good things happen, and they are happening.

Tomorrow morning a friend whom recently came back into my life, is coming to sew with me. I have curtains I want to make, and a shower curtain, and also…. cushions… I’m sure getting out of bed tomorrow will be easier than today, as I have so much to look forward to.

I hope your day today finds unexpected and needed care packages in your path…it does happen…. Today was proof of that for me!

Giant hugz, and kisses if you are male and good looking… šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰ lol goodnight!


About anartistslife

Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ā™„ā™„! Where would we be without humor?

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