All in a days work


Top o the morning to you, and what a morning it has been here! Woke up to Zoey getting sick, yes, on my bed….and then on Brody’s back (he sleeps on the floor beside the bed on a very plush bed, I might add)…After getting that all washed up (including Brody who is an Old Duke lately with his age and attitude) I let the dogs out for their morning ritual. The latch on the back door sometimes doesn’t work, but it has been for a few weeks so I walked away, assuming it did. I pop my english muffin into the toaster, go back to see if the dogs are ready to come in, and the back door is wide open with Zoey being outside (she’s declawed, an indoor cat)….. Okay, now what do I do… I have a towel wrapped around me, I look down, look out, look down, look out as I’m watching Zoey move away in a bad direction… contemplation, exhileration, dread…. I did manage to find my paint shorts from last night in the bathroom, so I threw them on and kept the towel around me,,,,out to save my cat…. As I reach down the towel comes undone, thus I gave a free peep show to my neighbors…. I am so embarassed I can’t even look to see if any of them were outside or within seeing distance… I grab Zoey, run back in.

Upon arriving inside there was the distinct smell of burned toast… well, there goes one english muffin. I slice another, slip it into the the toaster and I’m off to feed the cats who are now screaming, and the dogs who are now looking at me with the most pitiful face… you know, my animals are severely mistreated and abused! rolling my eyes here. I’m running around trying to get things done, I had grabbed my cell phone to check emails and such, well… the battery was dead… apparently the charger isn’t working…. groan. Suddenly the aroma of burned toast seeps through the house, I run to the kitchen… apparently the toaster stopped spitting out toast or muffins until they were charred. There goes a second english muffin.

Okay, so far I’ve given a free peep show, fed the dogs cat food, and the cats dog food…. um did I miss telling you that?

I’m running in three different directions, as I have a lot I need to get done today, I happen to walk by and see the back porch door open again… You have GOT to be kidding me… at least this time I still had the paint shorts on, and grabbed a sweatshirt that was hanging near the door (Why I didn’t think of that before I exposed my perky busoms of a 20 year old, in a 50 year old body, I know not why)… Off now to catch both Zoey & Chloe, as my Maine Coon cat (indoor/outdoor) is enticing them to follow her… oyyyyyyyy

I have emails and phone calls to make before I can plan my days trip to CT and possibly Attleboro (remember the last time I got lost for 3 hours)… anyway… so after coraling the cats back into the house, in which I notice Chloe’s feet are an odd color, perhaps from my flower garden? No time to think about it. I run out to my car to get my gps… guess what? I had taken it out of the car to program in a destination to see how long it would take me to get to this place….. yup….it’s a goner…. I spend 10 minutes in the house searching for it….I did manage to find two phones which have been missing for a week, dead as a door knob.

Okay, breathe Donna, breathe…. my meds I had just picked up, haven’t done my tray yet which is so stupid as it takes 10 minutes to do the tray, but instead of doing that this morning I just search out the bottles that I need. I dump one whole new jar (just picked up yesterday) all over the counter and floor. I’m scurrying to pick these up, dog & cat hair included before one of the animals takes interest in them. I take them, or at least I think I did, but I’m questioning whether I threw them away with the paper towels and crumbs from the 2 charred english muffins.

Okay, I make a phone call I need to get information from before I can email back a few people, for a class I’m doing in a couple weeks which I have totally bombed planning for..Mary very sweetly said “May I call you back in a few minutes?” Of course! So into my studio I head to see what I had worked on last night, a piece I’m particularly proud of (the one I’m finishing from three years ago)… Last nights palette was arrayed on the floor with tiny kitty footprints leading into the livingroom on my rug… Thus making sense why Chloe’s feet were an odd color. She likes mixing colors with her feet apparently because she hit the blues and reds and there were the prettiest shades of purple on the floor.

I go to take a shower and realize, there is no shower curtain or liner. The liner had ripped, so I was going to put up another one, and I’m my usual self now, scattered, yesterday I was going to make a shower curtain, but of course I lost my focus and got to painting… I take a very short shower with the water sprout which looks like the center of a sunflower…. hmmm it doesn’t seem to be coming out… so I turn to face it, take my hands and start rubbing it to see if the “pores” are plugged.. yup, because it came full speed at my face upon doing so!

It has been only 40 minutes since I’ve awoken. I don’t know what this day is going to bring, but I think it’s going to be one of those I can call a humdinger. I’m still looking for the gps, cleaning up paint, but I did manage to get an english muffin (with which I had to nuke after putting the frozen butter on it which I had forgotten to take out)…..

All in a days work….. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Today is certainly going to be an adventure… Care to join me?

ps I just answered an inquiry from Craigs List and realized after hitting send, that I put… Love, Donna………….


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Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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