Caution… strong controversial opinion in this blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it


I am angry. I am going to explain why and it is going to royally piss some people off and have others praying for me, and you know what? THat is alright because… as far as I know, we still have FREE SPEECH. Everyday we are losing our constitutional rights and yet… we reelect or vote these bozos into office. Personally I think they should ALL be fired and start over, and have a 2 year term ONLY. THEY are making the laws that GIVE THEM much more than us…… wtf?

Secondly, It is 2012 and yet STILL there is hatred and ignorance towards gay people. You know what? My youngest sister who died of ovarian cancer was gay, she knew it from a very young age. My sister was NOT born a sinner. My sister was born a beautiful little girl who brought so much joy and good into this world. I have someone I love very dearly who fell in love with a man, yes, another man. They were married, and for five years my friend Ralph was able to live the last years of his life, the worst years of his life healthwise, being true and honest to who he was. To me, that is quite beautiful. I am grateful that he was able to do this, because when he was younger (and by the way, this man served our country, for those of you who still honor vets,.,,,,,, but why do they keep losing benefits? rights?…. it’s so frigan wrong it sends rage up my spine). Today I will tell you , I do NOT believe that congressmen and women today are serving our country, I believe they are serving themselves! They have forgotten who they are working for… but let’s keep voting the idiots in people! Why not? Let’s become a communist country and pretend that our forefathers aren’t rolling over in their graves.

My friend who was able to live the last years of his life true to himself (how he was born) I believe lived the life he was supposed to live and how. He brought beautiful, intelligent, kind, hard working children into this world. He brought to his neighborhood, to his family, to his friends, so much joy. For years he lived in shame, didn’t think God loved him because he made him gay…… If given a choice, who would want to be gay given the hate crimes and derogatory comments and actions against gays? Who the hell would want to subject themselves to the small mindedness and hatred, judgementalism that is STILL in 2012 felt towards gay people?

Let’s just pretend now that being gay is an abomination. Does that mean God made mistakes when he brought these people into the world? I thought God didn’t make mistakes… and speaking of making mistakes, How about priests, minister’s rabbi’s, pastors…. These people are HUMAN BEINGS, imperfect. We trust them, and yet we should also question them with the mind that god gave us. I am not even going to venture into all the sin that has come from some of these people, but I will comment on the guy who last year gave the date of the rapture (I believe 2, maybe 3 times). His followers sold off their homesteads, put their pets and livestock down, gave away their belongings because they believed in him so much. ??????????? Were we not given a brain to think about things? Is it not obvious that thought we may respect and honor our pastor, priest, whathaveyou, that we also remember, they are not God? They may “serve” God, but look at how congress is serving us? It stands to reason that we would question them, too, does it not?

And now let’s take it one step further. What IF being gay is an abomination? Who the hell are any of us to judge another person? Is this not between that person and God? What gives ANY human the right to judge another… PERIOD! And yes, I am judging others, I am guilty right now, throw your rocks at me, I am just so frigan tired of watching our country go to hell, watching our nation watch “the kardashians” when I would rather see profiles of the men and women who have TRULY given their lives for our country. We watch trash, we encourage trash, and yet we wonder, what is happening to our world?

The elderly, I believe they are deserving of being taken care of. Apparently not everyone feels this way. I think we should look at Japan as an example to how our elderly should be treated. But let’s just keep taking more and more from them too! Why not? We take from our soldiers, from their families, and yet congress keeps getting more and more. Does anyone see a problem here?

“Lest judge lest ye be judged”. I am an imperfect being, I was born that way. I do not believe that because I am heterosexual doesn’t mean I am better than a homosexual. And if I had a sex life, I wouldn’t plaster it across this blog, contrary to what some may think. I speak my mind, and I speak from my heart. I believe God gave me a good heart, just like he gave my sister and my gay friends good hearts.

Now this whole issue of abortions! We are LOSING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS… Who was the idiot who said “rape victims usually do not get pregnant because their body is so tense”…. has this asshole every been raped? Does he know what comes after a rape for the victim? Not to mention during it. It never goes away, it is something that you try to scrub with a wire brush off from you and yet, it is still there. You question whether you had done anything to deserve it, because if you are like me, you look at the good in people, and yet, in todays world, I see more evidence of ill will than not. A rape victim not have the right to choose an abortion? A woman not have the right to make that choice for herself? I am not talking about women who use abortion as birth control, I’m talking about A WOMANS RIGHT to make a decision that will impact her and others lives. Why does congress think they know more than that person? Ignorance, such ignorance.

Every sin is created equal. You know why? I do not know, and in conversations with my sister, it is something that doesn’t “settle right”… but I believe now it is because WE ARE NOT TO JUDGE ANOTHER…. PERIOD! If I decide to go out in public nude today, that is my right in the State of VT! Just a little tidbit of information there for you…. but our world isn’t corrupt.

Let’s look at where the corruption is, it isn’t in gays, or rape victims… it is with our government and the constitution which has and is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Makes me sick.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about this blog, DONT SAY IT. Just as I have the right to write it, and you have the right to your opinion (which I think is a good thing), I also have the right to tell you to go somewhere else and comment, I don’t want to hear it.

I am of relatively sane mind, hard working, and have good morals, standards. And now, I even have been going to church. Do I believe everything that is preached to me? Nope… I believe God gave me a brain to use and that it is my responsibility to question what my gut tells me is not right.


ps think I’ll get a date tonight? NOPE and I don’t care!
pss… and another thing! Pharmaceutical companies rule the world. They are making HUGE dollars and pay off lawyers and law offices to drop suits (in which they are not even contacting their so called “clients”. These people who, because of a drug administered to his mother, caused severe birth defects and to which he has struggled his life with. By the way, he does not want you to feel sorry for him, he is a blessed soul…. Can we say the same about the pharmaceutical companies? And oh by the way, Donna, if you are still reading my blog in spite of your “being sick of people like me”….. drugs save lives, your comments are nothing but a rude bitter judgemental woman who, if you keep it up, you may just end up in the Guiness Book of World Records for the biggest martyr! Leave me alone! I don’t care what you have to say. If you are unhappy in your life, make changes. If you believe God is dead, then run for congress! I take prescriptions because I have illnesses, illnesses which I would rather not have. You say I’m like Elvis? Damn, I must be good looking!


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Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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  1. Amen sister. I am no way near perfect, but I am sooo tired of hearing people say they are Christians and then blasting others … So tired of politics saying how bad the other is, but not addressing the issues. You are someone I admire for so many reasons, and this blog just proved me right. Love ya girl!

  2. I love everything you have said here..I especially love the comment about, “if you believe God is dead, run for congress” maDe me laugh out loud…loudly… LOL… Love it and I am proud to know you… My daughter is gay… let someonetell me that she is an abomination…….. I used that many dots after saying that because I didn’t want to swear, but if they don’t want to wear their nose on the backside of their head they won’t say that to me at all…. You are correct… Jesus said to the “teachers of the law”(government) and to the “Pharisees”(preachers,of all kinds)after they, thinking themselves so f&*&**^ righteous, brought a women to be judge by Him, who had been caught in the act of adultery…(oh my goodness, how shameful) “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” While Jesus was saying this he was writing something on the ground with his finger, (I would like to think, and perhaps He was, writing everything thing “bad” they had done in their rotten miserable lives). Enough of my ranting to get back to the story, then Jesus straightened up and asked her, “woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She answered him saying; “no one, sir.” Then what do you think Jesus,GOD ALMIGHTY, said to her, yep you guessed it, He said, “then neither do I condemn you.”

    We have absolutely no right to judge anyone…NONE people…NONE…I don’t care who you proclaim to be… NO RIGHT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO YOU TO JUDGE ANYONE ON HOW THEY LIVE….

    Thank you Donna….

  3. Feels good when you can clear the air. I agree with you. I have gay family members and friends. I can not judge. We owe our vets so much for what they gave. Instead we cut the budget for care and hospitals? TheSwame with Medicare and Social Security people say they don’t want anything from the gov’t. well try taking that away and they scream. We need better care for our elderly. Is ther corupption in the welfare system and medicare yup, any time you have something like that some one will figure out a way to abuse it. In most cases it is needed. I believe in Welfare to work programs. I am also tired of Congress doing nothing but fighting with each other. Who do they work for? People it is a privilege and a right to vote. Get registered and vote. the choices are not always ideal but men and women died to give us the right to choose and to voice our opinions. Do so. Qusetion those in office remind them who they serve. It is not supposed to be a life time job. Vote the scoundrels out and then let them go back to their prvious life and give someone else the chance. As an immigrant to this country it is my chosen country. I am a citizen and proud of it. We need to voice our opinions more often. Thanks Donna.
    Marcia Lengkeek

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