An interesting day at an Art Festival


Yesterday I received a delightful unexpected invitation/gift to attend a Music Festival in MA.  I didn’t even think about it, I said “Sure!”   A month ago I either wouldn’t have answered my phone or would come up with an excuse not to go.  I am working hard at not isolating, and participating in community events.  My friend  Deb is fun to be with, and she challenges me (unbeknowst to her) with her intelligence.

Upon arrival we were happy to learn that it was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.   Always and probably always will touch my heart.   In spite of some glitches, like the beautiful celtic irish dancers should have been in the theatre, and the duo could have easily have switched places.   About the music?   I think I’m getting old.  I mean, I couldn’t believe how loud the music was, it drowned out the vocals.  None the less we entertained ourselves and spent a great deal of time turning our heads and looking at each other as we watched some strange episodes unfold.

To begin, we were sitting on a bench and I looked down on my legs to see that my self tanning application was unbalanced.  I had streaks that looked a bit like a stripe.  I said to my girlfriend “Thank goodness I wore plain beige linen, as if I wore plaid, it wouldn’t coordinate well with my striped legs”.  From there we walked down the paved sidewalk as I comically imitated Jack Nicholson’s role in the movie as “Melvin Yudall” who struggled with Obssessive/Compulsive illness.  He would not walk on the cracks (the mortered area) of the pavement.

The schedule was a bit complicated to understand.  Deb, however, picked it up quickly.  I said to her that the band “Bumper” was playing at every business.  When we asked a volunteer where they were playing next she informed us that “Bumper ” was not a band, but the word used for “taking a break”.

The sweetest performance was truly the celtic dancers.    There were a few good bands, but you wouldn’t have known it by all the “noise”.   Upon our arrival at the theatre I needed to use the restroom.  Deb held onto my belongings as I headed down in the basement area of this very old building.  When I walked in I was discusted that a urinal had not been flushed…not giving it another thought I went in a stall, did my business and left.    I wanted to say something to Deb about it, but forgot because as usual we had 100 things to talk about.

During one session there was a young girl down on the floor dancing.  She was so cute, and approximately the age of 4 or 5.  It was very sweet to watch her dance.   Upon arrival elsewhere, Deb was trying to get my attention “to the left, to the left”… Of course I apparently and fortunately missed the mother of this same 5 year old child that we had seen before dancing, now being breast fed, unexposed by her mother.

The bands, all whom volunteered their time, thus talent to raise funds for NCS.    Those running the event were very busy running from business to business, introducing bands that were spread between probably 5 or 6 businesses.  After watching the beautiful young girls (Remember when we were their age and had totaly elasticity in skin) we returned to the Shea Theatre in which I had to use the restroom once again.  As I walked down to the basement I saw 4 or 5 men in the bathroom that I used, so I just kept walking.  I had been in the mens room prior to!!!!!!!   Wouldn’t you think the urinal would have given me a clue?

Onward to the next set, where there was a 3 man band.  The lead guitarist/vocalist was too busy adjusting and requesting changes to the set , which annoyed several members of the audience whom walked out.  We sat watching.  When  he finally started to sing, he shared the “true story”or a woman who had been buried alive, and the robbers cut off her finger to get her ring.   Then he announced this song was a love story inspired by this event.   I can’t remember the exact verbage but the chorus was “keep the light on tonight, I can’t find your finger or ring”….Deb and I must have looked at each other a couple dozen times, and we were laughing… a love story?

Then there was a woman who performed solo with her guitar.  Her voice was actually quite beautiful, but again was drowned out by the loud music.   Anyway, her first songs chorus was “Don’t F*** someone you don’t love”….. her second song was “I want to wreck your home” about a mistress who wanted the man at any or all costs to the wife or others.   Again, we looked at each other.   The funniest thing, however (and these musicians were serious about these songs) was when she announced “My music used to be dark, it isn’t anymore”.  We looked at each other in disbelief… again,  laughter coming through 0ur bellies…Can you imagine what her “dark” music was?

We concluded that if we go next year, we’re bringing ear plugs!



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Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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