Just yesterday the healing, necessary and beautiful sound of laughter could be heard coming from my soul.  Like the sound of a church bell on a quiet Sunday morning, an assortment of birds chirping in my yard, and Cheech and Chong’s Ice Cream truck coming up the road…I welcomed it with open arms.

Though walking and breathing, my existance has been tried.  How can one live without the splendor of laughter, the sound of joy, the healing of a good ole belly laugh?  As I said prayers to God for waking up and feeling like my old self again I love the feeling inside of me, one of peace, one of tranquility, one of valium! 🙂   The only thing better would be valium dipped in chocolate!  No worries, the plan is to be on this short term, to get me calmed down and through the rough patch.   Also a maximum dose of Prozac thrown in appears to be helping me.

Today is the only day I do not have a doctor’s appointment, and I plan to use it wisely, relaxingly (is that a word?).   I am painting the box that my sister’s ashes will be buried in, with the prettiest shades of purples, her favorite color.  On the back of the box is a frog sitting on a lily pad (per the request of my mother) and I’m thinking of hydrangeas and butterflies on the rest.  She loved nature, she loved butterflies.   I am grateful today she is at peace with no more seizures, paralyzation, scars from the wretched childhood illness.  I believe she is whole again, now free of her earthly sick body.  My youngest sister, Darlene, and my oldest sister, Karen have reunited.  It’s a wonderful thought, a beautiful picture in my mind.

I’m back on the diet to lose this uncomfortable 20 lbs I have gained… svelte here I come!  I have beautiful sundresses I want to wear without being self conscious of my “puffiness”.   A puffalump?  At any rate, my puffalump times shall be behind me once again and I will slide into my favorite jeans with ease….

We have a beautiful fall like day here in Vermont, so I am doubly blessed with less fibro pain…Life is good.   It’s cool how one can switch their perspective even though everything else remains the same.  I’m still doing stupid things, like trying to answer my home phone with my cell phone, and more, but who cares… it adds comedy to my day!  And my girlfriend just called to tell me she got me a used vacuum!  I can suck up the bad energy and discard it with the bag, included with the plethora of animal hair….

Have a wonderful day…… I plan to!!!!!!!!!  xxxx





About anartistslife

Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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  1. Hello my dear friend I am thrilled that you are getting better…
    The best news I have heard in a long time.. Good for the soul to have all these burdens lifted..So I am told… Heaven is a place of peace and no more pain or any bad memories, I am glad your sisters are there…. Also if you can find a moment please say a prayer for me on the 5th of July and the 15th I will have some surgeries done.. You are in my prayers daily

    Sending Love hugs and prayers.. So proud of you God is with you always..

  2. Did you ever hear about the bugs under the water? Now and again one of them would go up above the lily pad. The other bugs didn’t like it because the ones who went above, were never to return. They didn’t know that the bug had changed. Into a dragonfly. Much more beautiful and to explore much more of the world. He wanted to tell his friends he was okay, but he couldn’t go back. He just hoped they would know. And of course the FROG. Fully. Rely. On. God.
    I could see you getting better before you could feel it. I’m happy for your metamorphosis, too. ❤ you.

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