At convention


Yesterday I arrived at New England Traditions painting convention at its new location in Marlborough, MA.   An uneventful trip down, hey even the car I’ve been piling money into ran well!  It’s always wonderful to see everyone, students from years past, friends, fellow artists.   I taught my first class, which went well.   There were 3 women in my class who were “virgin convention students!”    How exciting!  They all received giant hugs from me and a warm welcome.   They did great!  As I was teaching you could hear echoes of laughter from the corriders…music to my ears!

Meeting up with my girlfriends up close and personal, particularly those I’m rooming with is always a treat.  What goes on here, stays here!   The laughter, sometimes the tears.   Women need other women…I believe this.  No matter how good our spouses or partners are in our lives, we need other women.   I imagine that is true for men too.   It’s healthy to have friends, to have individual hobbies and interests, unfortunately not everyone has the time or money for such, and much sadder are those who never find passion in their lives as it is a wonderful thing!

While setting up my classroom I realized that the glasses on my head were not my readers, but sunglasses!  Apparently I subliminally thought that my “future was so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades”.  Everyone’s pieces would look great without my readers, even my demo board!    With approximately 10 minutes before class I took the elevator up to the second floor, went to the room, of course my card key didn’t work.  I knocked, hoping one of my roomies would answer.  Nope.  That’s strange, I know Rita was just there and was relaxing.  I look at my slip of paper with the room number, um… not only did I have the wrong room but the wrong FLOOR!  Back to the elevator, right floor, ANOTHER wrong room!   Finally I arrived back at the room (directly across from the last wrong room) and the door was cracked open, didn’t need my key to begin with!  The point of sharing this, if you haven’t already figured out is not to humiliate myself but to laugh and share that laughter.   I’m assured that my memory problems are the result of anesthesia, some attributed to menopause, but let’s face it, sometimes I’m just a dizzball too!

This morning one of my closest friends arrives from Long Island, this will certainly beef up the fun for me.  The class I’m teaching today is 3-10, so I have the morning to sleep in, rest and go visiting and exploring, and exploring I shall do!

Life is good, really good.  I know my furries are safe and sound, being spoiled by gramma (As I was leaving they were having an ice cream party!), my family is well…funny when I just wrote “my family”, for years in my minds eye I would view my parents and siblings, now when I share “my family” it has expanded to aunts, uncles, and cousins.   Facebook has gifted me with the ability to connect with cousins, I’ve gifted myself with attendance at family reunions.  It’s wonderful!  So what if I have some tears running down my face as I share this?  They are happy tears!

Hey, did I tell you I brought my single blow up bed?  That’s what I’m laying on right now, low to the beds I have my own little world down here which doesn’t affect others sleeping.   I bring one to every convention (which I don’t fly to) as you never know if someone needs to crash, but also if I’m sleeping with someone I would prefer it be the opposite sex!   This also spares others from morning breath!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful day, that you make time to genuinely roll out a good belly roll AND if you’re at convention, find your right room and floor.    I should have contacted that astronaut in Texas who wore “diapers” (for lack of memory to the proper term now) to Florida…  What is the best brand you say?  As surely today I’ll be running to the bathroom a lot between laughs.  Ain’t old age fun?


About anartistslife

Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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  1. Oh Donna we must be twins these things happen in my daily life..
    I will look for you on sat…going to my very first trade show….hugs and blessings

  2. sounds like you are having fun. i hope i don’t have the same experience finding marlborough as you with your room…my daughter hates when i say that i get lost in my own driveway but, i have to chuckle at myself because i know me!
    hope to be able to see you saturday
    love, robyne

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