On my way over feed my little black stray this morning I found another toy of Brody’s half way down the hill to where the little guy/gal hangs out.  I smiled, picked it up and delivered it with breakfast.    He was waiting for me underneath the pine trees, curious, observing, watching every movement I made.   As I sang and hummed I could see his/her little head cocking from side to side.  There was no running for immediate cover nor movement towards me.  As I walked back towards my house he watched and sat up.  I sat down and called for him.  He studied me for several seconds and then started to run for cover.  I said “Come on little guy, it’s okay, it’s okay”, and he stopped running, stood there looking at me, unsure if I were friend or foe still.  He sat down, still studying me, then quickly ran for cover.  “Okay, but breakfast is ready and I fixed you something very very special!”  With that I came back to my house, ran upstairs and sat at my desk where I could watch for him to come out of hiding.  It took about 7 or 8 minutes but he came out of the woods, stretched, then trekked back past the pine trees where he waits for me, and continued on his way to the barn.

At lunch time I found him in the same place, under the very large pine trees that he very easily blends into the thick around the bottom.  He didn’t scoot as fast as usual, though he trotted off to a row of trees several yards away, feeling safely hidden, camoflauged, yet able to watch me and my possible “antics”.

Dinner time he was no where to be found, which left me feeling a bit uncomfortable, but hey, it’s a big old world, I’m doing what I can and he hasn’t yet decided if he likes me or not… but he does like my vittles!

Monday Morning:

No sign of him this morning though his dinner was gone.  I thought I was going to cry when I didn’t see him underneath the pine trees or anywhere hiding.  I did however find Puss, my neighbors cat snooping around.  So I enticed Puss back home with me, which took quite a bit of time considering he loves it over there, then when about my day.    A few minutes later I spotted a woman I did not know walking up the drive from the junk yard.  Immediately my defenses came to the surface.  Calm down Donna, she’s probably just out for a walk.  Then within minutes a semi truck was parked right in front of the barn where he sleeps and is fed, they were delivering boards.  Suddenly I saw the little guy come from the wooded area towards the pine trees, head up in the air looking over at “his” barn.  He was scoping out what was going on!   I was so relieved to see him.     I went out to tell him it was okay, he’s back to his scooter days, and I haven’t seen him since.   Upon delivering his lunch I noticed he ate his breakfast, but I feel like we’re going backwards in the trust department.  This saddens me.

He’s obviously been in my yard again as Brody, my aussie has a field day sniffing all around when he first goes outside in the morning.   Patience, patience, faith….

I hate the idea of catching him with a humane cage but I want to keep him safe.  Getting a cage from a local animal shelter is in the works with our Town Police Dept. 

My little scooter stray, please stay safe!  As my Maine Coon Cat snuggled up on my lap last night while I was watching television I recalled that it took me a month, yes one whole month or more for her to come to me.  Every day I would go out and feed her, spend several minutes talking to her, coaxing her.  When the day came that she did come to me, it was the best feeling in the world.  That was 12 years ago or more.  I love that I provide her with a cozy home, good food, and that she’s safe from harm.  All three of my cats were rescues.  The Maine Coon was probably 3 or 4 when she was thrown out, declawed.  My white girls haven’t known the meaning of the word survival, they were rescued from an abandoned car when they were only 4 weeks old and have been indoor princesses since.  And then of course, there is Brody, the Bossy Aussie who rules us all.

I wonder what happened to this little guy/gal that he fears humans so much.  I don’t even want to think about it. Instead I will focus and hope for a day that one day I will hold this little curly black stray and he will feel loved and safe, and not be afraid anymore.


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Through the many trials, triumphs and tribulations of my life, I share my stories to help others. I share my thoughts to perhaps bring a new point of view to my readers, and I share my opinions because I just have better ideas! ♥♥! Where would we be without humor?

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