Little black stray


So a couple of days ago several people knocked on my door to ask if that little curly black dog trying to (dangerously) get across the road was mine, or did I know who it belonged too?    And so starts my obsession with this sweet little stray dog that is hiding out next door, in the back of the buildings where there is junked cars, half cars, pieces of cars, several old buildings, knooks, and crannies…

I walk over in the morning and leave him/her food and water.   I walk back over a few hours later to see if its gone.  I leave Iams bones.  I go back over at dinner time to leave food and water.  I will both drive and walk over at least 4 or 5 times a day to see if he/she will come out. 

Everyday I have spotted him/her but it runs away and hides and hides well.  It will not let me even close.  I hate to think that this dog is out at night, last night in horrific thunder storms that rattled the roof off my house, I can only imagine how it magnified over there in metal land!

At night, before I head to bed, I leave some food out at my house too, in case he/she wanders over.  Every morning the food is gone.  I want to believe that this little stray is coming over for a midnight snack, though I’m skeptical that I’m feeding skunks or racoons.

If I do not gain any trust or rapport with this little guy in the next couple of days I will call the Humane Society and see about getting a Save a Heart trap/cage.  Perhaps I should do this sooner, I don’t know.  I do know that this is how I won over Jenny, my Maine Coon cat who is the Queen Pin of my feline fetale.  I do not need another dog nor want one, but maybe someone is missing this little guy.  I would rather believe that than believe that someone dumped it off.    I’ve advertised in several areas, all to no success.  Will keep trying.  

The owner of the property where the stray is hiding picks on me.  “Are you going to feed your little puppy again?”  as I was walking over this evening.  “Yes, I said, so hush up!”.  He asks like a big toughie, but really, when I asked if he minded if I fed the dog, he said No, go ahead, though I hope you aren’t bringing me a family of skunks!

This little stray who has captured my heart and attention…. I hope will be okay.


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  1. Donna, I think if it were me I would go ahead with the trap cage. Poor little guy. I am exactly like you when it comes to animals in need. Even juvinile squirrels that fall because they are to little to hang on and fall and get concusions. Have taken quite a few of those to the help shelter in my area. Once recovered they are of course turned loose and I just don’t like them as they chew up everything Including my cedar Deck. Grrrrrrrrrrr. good luck. Connie

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