Positive students


Oh how I love a class full of fun students who are happy to be there, excited about the piece they’re painting and have positive attitudes!  

It’s so cool when you get a group of women (or students) who joke amongst each other, when laughter is heard every couple of minutes, and if someone painted something they do not like they do not panic or degrade themselves for doing so, they can laugh at themselves, thus we all get a good chuckle out of it, then we fix it!

It is such a wonderful feeling as a teacher to know that while you are instructing your students are relaxed, enjoying themselves, and that it is visibly obvious that their piece is coming along nicely.

If at the end of the day they leave with a painting they are happy with, you can pretty much guarantee that the next morning they are going to be ecstatic with it!  As most painters know, while you sleep the paint fairy comes in and fixes all the blemishes and things about your painting that you didn’t like the day before, thus you wake up to a masterpiece!


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