Eclectic Rambling


I’m fighting a cold, feeling crappy.   It didn’t help that last night I got very little sleep.   My house is disastrous as I’ve been in a creative mode for days…. it isn’t pretty.  Dishes piled (even though I DO have a dish washer), in general, things in disarray.   This is when a visit from my mother comes in handy.  She just starts picking up, cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry, as she’s updating me on things in her life….  Too bad she doesn’t have a car to come visit!!!!

I have a few random thoughts tonight….

Bountyhunter Dawg… whatever your name is?  Cut your hair….

I wish I had someone to make me dinner and pamper me when I don’t feel well…..

If it snows tomorrow, I’m not shoveling…..

I understand why some species hybernate during winter

I put my paint brush down tonight when the poinsettia I was painting started to look like a turkey

As cranky as I am right now, and I am cranky, I know I am blessed with so much

“Feed a cold, starve a fever”… I need chocolate!

I wish there were reruns of Murphy Brown on television

I have 5 holes in the socks I’m wearing, but they’re wool, and I just cannot part with them

Have you ever wanted to drive up one of those Runaway truck ramps???? I have

Sundried Ones are the new super fruit… PRUNES!    Be regular everyday!

And with that??? I shall close!!!!


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