Old Man Winter


As I lay comfortable, cozied into my warm bed, Old Man Winter is whirling and whistling outside.   Blistering snow is slapping against my window.  My mind wanders to The Wizard of Oz… Will I wake up and say “I don’t think we’re in Vermont anymore, Brody!”

This is our first major snowstorm of the year here in New England.   There will be no bare ground showing tomorrow, it will be covered with glistening white crystals.  Oh how beautiful it will be to look at.  The first snowfall always is.   There is something very enticing, welcoming for me about being snuggled up inside while there is a blizzard going on outside.   Perhaps this is when I appreciate most the home I work so hard for.  How its walls and windows shield me from the wintry mix that Mother Nature is delivering to us tonight.  I appreciate its warmth, the comforts of its furnishings, the appliances, food that is inside of the refrigerator and stacked in the pantry.  Within the confines of my humble little abode, I am able to enjoy and appreciate the power of the storm, and feel safe while cozied up in my home.   I am blessed.  I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am at this very moment.  

While the weatherman is predicting a foot of snow here, we never know how deep our walkways will be blanketed until it stops.  But one thing is for sure tonight…Tomorrow morning we will be waking up to a crapload of snow here in Southern Vermont.   The heavy strong winds will deceive us from how many inches really did fall.  No matter how many inches are on the ground, trapped in the trees, window sills and more, my dog will surely be excited to get back out in it!    We were out late tonight playing until I couldn’t take the cold anymore.   As I watched him run and jump around in it, roll on his back making doggy snow angels, it reminded me of growing up, being on school vacation and getting a crapload of snow.  It was SO cool!  Now I enjoy it until I have to shovel it!


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