Anything but Emotions!


Last Friday I met with my new therapist, Aisha.  What a nice exotic name, don’t you think?  Pronounced “Eye-e-sha”, it makes Donna sound pretty boring!  I instantly liked her, she has a positive attitude and very healing energy about her and I KNOW that I’m going to learn much from her.  I was just eating some delicious green grapes and remembered something she asked me and her response to my reply.   She first asked me what my favorite color palette is, I answered “fruits, veges, flowers”… she found that interesting as most people would describe it as “jewel colors”…. okay… Then she said “tell me Donna, do you eat fruit? Veges?”  yes…. “Okay, describe to me how it tastes when you put a fresh piece of fruit in your mouth”…. I replied “Joyful”…. and she laughed.  She said “You are SUCH an artist!”  I said “What?”  you describe everything through emotions… she smiled.   Now I have always known I was more of an “emotional” person than others.   She wasn’t judging me, she was pointing out something that I have never recognized in myself.     How does that fresh ripe pear taste Donna?    Joyful!   No… Delicious!  lol

I attach emotions to just about everything.. It’s down right exhausting!   It’s a beautiful day outside today Donna, how do you feel about it being a beautiful day outside?  lol  GOOD GRIEF!

So…. check out this new paragraph

Hi, it’s Donna.  It is absolutely beautiful outside today!  The sun feels warm, the cool breeze feels refreshing!  The green grapes I just ate were delicious, and overall I feel grateful and joyful that I am having such an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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