4th of July, 3rd Birthday, 60th Wedding Anniversary…and a reunion of best friends….


On July 4th I traveled to Missouri to spend a week with my best friend and her family on their summer vacation.  I had not seen her or her family in almost a year and a half since the last vacation we were on.  Much has happened in our lives  since then.  A year and a half has been too long, but will all that has transpired it has been quick, too.  If that makes any sense at all.   It was a wonderful time for me.

Not only did we celebrate Independence Day but my girlfriends granddaughter turns 3 tomorrow, so we had a party for Hannah on Wednesday evening.  Her mom made her a cake and Hannah decorated it.  It was cute and a varietal of flavors! lol.  Thursday night we celebrated my girlfriend’s parents 60th wedding anniversary.  It makes me smile.  They are such nice people, really.   I love them both, truly I love all her family, they are wonderful.  Lunch & dinners were eaten together, around a table,which was such a delight for me. It brought many memories of my childhood, upbringing.  Coming from a large family, and at least one or two of us always dragging someone home for dinner, our lunch or dinner table was always filled.  It was nice.   I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the vacation.  Home cooked meals everyday which I didn’t partake in, but I offered to help, and did assist in clean up.  Good food, good company, good laughs.  It was great.

My girlfriend and I got to room together in this luxurious suite.  (I am of course kidding) with twin beds.   We did our usual gabbing at night, and laughter… it was wonderful.  Although the first 3 nights she fell off to sleep, snoring…. as I was talking to her.. hmmmm was she faking to just try to get me to shut up???  dunno.

We boated, swam, floated, some fished, tubed, wake boarded, skiied, walked, relaxed.. I read the book “The Shack” which my friend Judy gave me last July…  We visited Silver Dollar City (amusement park)… not my favorite part of the week but I went for Hannah, and she had a blast!  Her smiles and laughter were worth it all.

It is good to be home, as I’m tired and ready to sleep in my own bed… but I am grateful for this vacation, for being given this opportunity, for being part of their “extended” family…. it’s a great place to be!

I must close my eyes now and rest….  God speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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