I don’t like spiders and snakes….????


My aussie has been acting sluggish.  His frisbee catching has dwindled down to just a few tosses…I am concerned.  So I decided to take him for a hike in the woods.  So I dressed in my camouflage khakies, oversized sweatshirt, socks and sneakers… just in case the ticks decide to make residence in my bod!   We seem to have an abundance of them right now.  Nasty frigan critters they are.    Well, Brody just loves the woods. Mock 80 with his fur on fire, he went flying by me as I stood in the middle of the snowmobile trail.   This is the same trek he used to do as a puppy with Jim.   Well after he was probably 40′ ahead of me I heard leaves moving and freaked.  SNAKE!   By this time I was swinging from the top branch of a 30′ elm tree as just the mere thought of them I can jump miraculously high…. winks.   I have NO problem at all putting on my large heavy sorrels and blasting through the woods in the winter because the snakes are in hibernation, or whatever they do.  But now, they lie in the paths, on stumps, wherever they can sun themselves.  I screamed and ran towards Brody.  Now, it MAY have been the wind blowing the leaves, but it sounded to me like an 8′ black snack who had been sunning himself, or a timber rattler!   lmao.   Oh how the imagination takes off when fear enters the body.   We never encouraged Brody to investigate snakes, because he was sometimes in areas where there were poisonous snakes.  So if he saw one he would ignore it, much like he does small or what he looks as “insignificant” dogs.  He can be quite the snob.

I really do like hiking, but my fear of snakes and spiders keeps me from fully enjoying it.  And now include ticks.  Just what I need, lyme disease!  See….. see what I mean?  I jump right to the “big stuff”. lol

So I swing down from the tall tree back onto the snowmobile trail.  Upon landing I stepped on a large old dead branch.  Oh No… another snake!  I scream and run forward, now realizing that if I make as much noise as I can, the snake will not be startled and will run and hide from me…  So I’m making as much noise rustling leaves as possible.  Brody sits ahead of me, maybe 30′ away now, sitting with his head cocked looking at me like… What the hell is wrong with you momma?  lol

I didn’t think I would make it to the open field, but Brody just kept on moving forward, so I did.  Once we got there I didn’t want to sit anywhere because I was so preoccupied with fear.  On our way back I saw MANY GIANT holes, probably anaconda type snakes along the snowmobile trail, which made me actually RUN.  By the time we got back to my house my  heart was thumping a hundred beats a minute.  I sat down and checked out my head and neck with my fingers.  I have to check for ticks….  So I feel this little lump on my neck… OH MY GOD it’s a tick, and I attempt to scratch it off ferociously.  Upon looking in the bathroom mirror I realized, I was scratching a mole that has been on my neck since the day I was born.  Good grief!  Calm the hell down Fred!

So I’m not sure if there is any point to this story other than to say to you, if you want a good cardio workout and you are afraid of snakes…. come take a hike in the woods with me!  Guaranteed to get your imagination going and your heart a racing!


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