One Year Survivor / Post Exchange Surgery


Today is officially my one year survivorship date (according to my doctors).  I use the date of diagnosis, they use the date of surgery.  One year ago today I had my lumpectomy.  I came home with the most purple boob I’ve ever seen. smiles.  But rather than focus on what happened then, I am basking in the fact that I am here, healthy, cancer free one year later.  I am a survivor… and I continue to stay that way.

It has been three weeks since I had my exchange surgery where they take out the tissue expanders and put in my “foobs”… to which I chose silicone implants.   I am thrilled with the fact that they are so much softer and more comfortable than the expanders, the shape, contour & symmetry are good, but I am disappointed in the size. I had the largest implants put in (800 cc) which should be a “d” cup.  When I went to get fitted for a bra last week I am barely a “b”.   I contacted my plastic surgeon and he said that what happened is during the expansion process while they were stretching my skin, it also pushed my ribs in (which explains much of the pain I was having).  Therefore the bulk of the implants are filling in that area, not projecting out.

I’m teetering here.  Clearly I wanted larger than what I started with, and now I have less.  I am tired of all of this, want it over, but at the same time I want to be happy with how I look.  I’m also leaning towards just accepting this because I am truly grateful that I am not disfigured from the mastectomies.

I’m going to meet with my plastic surgeon to discuss options.  It’s looking like another surgery…. ugh.

But my healing has gone very well.  If I lift things (which I’m not supposed to do for a couple more weeks) I get pains on the sides, but all in all, they are healing well.  I’m hoping the incisions turn to almost invisible as they were 8 months after the mastectomies.   My doctor tells me I have healthy good skin that over a year will fade to barely nothing.

So, that’s the update on the foobs.   Tonight I will celebrate my one year mark with students.  They do not know it, but we will toast to good health, friends… and more good things to come!


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  1. Here’s to good health, good friends and many more good things to come Donna Marie! You have had a tremendous journey this past year. I love you…clh

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