Self Acceptance


Monday, April 5th

Most of my life I have felt inferior to others.  I have twisted and turned myself into what I believed others thought I should be, how I should look, what I should wear and how I should act.

  • Of course there were genuine parts of me, but it has taken 48 years to decipher who I am, what I believe in, and accept myself for who I am, what I look like, and on and on.  I hid behind humor and masks so afraid to let other see me for who I really am.

There is much freedom in finding yourself.  There is much freedom in accepting yourself for who you are… warts and all.  There is much freedom in realizing “I is who I is”…

The path that has brought me to this point has been long and full of briars.  But it has been the most difficult of times, the most painful of times that I have grown the most in my life.

I am a work in progress.  I am committed to growth, to being the best person that I can be.  I am always evolving….

It has been said that in order to change anything you must first accept the circumstances as they are.  And even the pricker bushes and briars glow beautifully in sunlight.  There is beauty in everything, even those things that we do not particularly like. It’s a matter of twisting our perspective, our  outlook.  Changing the lenses in our glasses and with an open mind and heart, looking at things in a non judgemental manner.

I am a work in progress.  I am always evolving.  I am committed to growth, to learning, to being a positive participant in this big ole world.

I am grateful for who I am, where I have been, and god willing, where I am going.  There are things about me that I may choose to change…. (my weight for one… I went to Weight Watchers last year and lost 80 dollars!)… but my salvation is no longer in becoming, or the promises and destinations that tomorrow shall bring… My power  is in today, this very moment. I am accepting of myself, scars warts and all…

My wish today is that everyone feels this about themselves… even if for just one day.  To know you are not a mistake, that you are unique yet cast.  To reach deep within yourself and dare to see the beauty in yourself…not in a boastful manner, or self righteous way.  Just to acknowledge and embrace your worth, yourself as you are… warts and all!  To simply, just be!


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