Wed, March 24th

My eyes are working overtime at all the beautiful things I want to paint.  The perfect clump of birch trees, the melting ice on the ponds, a fallen down tree covered in the most beautiful green colored mosses…  Clouds that take on the shape of horses, dogs and frogs.   Deep breath… I LOVE it when my creativity is flowing.  I am alive, I am well, I am a participant in the world, and in my own world.

All chaos, and order are pushed aside as I climb into my creative mode.  Even a conversation with a friend depicts the shape of her cheekbones, her chin…. shapes, colors, sizes….

I have been asked where I get my “ideas” to paint landscapes.  I politely say “Have you ever been to Vermont?  New England?”  I live in such a beautiful part of the world.   The seasons can bring both grief and relief.  My favorite season of all is Fall… it’s short length tends to fly by too fast, but not without a view of the intense palette coming from all the foliage.  Colors are so alive and vivid in the Fall, and as the leaves drop to the ground, it is a step closer to the cold and long winters.  While winter scenes are one of my favorite to paint…. (and by the way, when painting snow, White is the LEAST amount of color I use! lol), shoveling, manuevering around the ice can get old quickly.  But then another storm comes, cleans up the messiness of slush, plowed snow.  And I fall in love with it all over again.  I’m such a sucker for New England!

I took this picture the other day from my phone.  Check out the textures, the lines, all the colors in the snow… how much White do you see?  Smiles…  This leaf fell to the ground in late fall, probably just after our first snow…. here it lays perfectly framed in the virtue of the season that followed.  I want to paint this, in all of its texture, grace, colors, vibrancy…  Tell me, is this not beautiful????

Fallen into and preserved by the virtue of the season that followed.... brighter colors will soon replace


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      Im not sure how much I can help you, I’m mostly right brained. But I would be happy to tell you which theme it is.
      My webmaster set it up for me… (cheater I am).
      All of this theme’s files are located in /themes/atahualpa.

      I hope this helps somewhat! It’s a free theme. Good luck!

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